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A hard-working and motivated individual who has the ability to manage time efficiently, prioritize tasks in order of importance, and meet deadlines without compromising quality.

I am keenly interested in the field of Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM) with an intention to learn new things and gain exposure.

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Still here? Ok, to Some Serious Stuff then,


I created SEO BATTER to help Digital Marketers who are either at an entry-level or a mid-level profile. The idea is to have a source of truth and a go-to resource for everything digital marketing (++SEO!). The articles can also be used by internet marketing agencies who are just starting out.

I struggled when I was starting out. There is just so much information out there (with subjective views), and it is difficult to find a single place where you can get value-rich information. So, I decided to put up my knowledge of the subject based on my industry experience and extensive research. I have cited sources from some of the thought leaders in the industry to substantiate claims of knowledge on the subject. I have also put in efforts to explain the topics in concise, easy-to-read language and, most importantly- without any “if you play your cards right” and cod philosophy Bs.

I have not used language generally used for promotional purposes or ‘to sell.’ It’s just straight-up actionable information which I have gathered and experienced over time.

All resources provided by me on the website are completely free to use (with credit, only if you please). Share your views in the comments or have a healthy discussion with people like you on the site. It would be great if you share the posts of SEO BATTER with someone you think can benefit.

The Tools mentioned in my blogs are some of the most commonly used tools in the industry. I encourage you to use different ones other than the ones I mentioned. In most cases, you should be able to understand the goal and use the takeaways according to your use case. You should also be able to use your preferred one to get the desired output.
I suggest you do NOT solely rely on tools for any deliverable or for any of your tasks. They are ultimately run by algorithms and data. Developing your own instincts can help you avoid pitfalls and help you become a better marketer.


Siddharth is an SEO. He started his journey in digital marketing with a small blog, which served as a playground for him to learn. The blogs allowed him to strategize and see the results to fruition. He has successfully completed projects as an SEO consultant for several startups. He has an MBA from Delhi School of Business (Marketing & Finance). Currently, Siddharth is working to help people in trades and services grow through ServiceForge Canada (Remote). In his free time, he likes to meet his friends ‘Offline.’