Siddharth is a SEO. He started his journey in digital marketing with a small blog which served as a playground for him to learn. The blogs allowed him to strategize and see the results to fruition. He has successfully completed projects as an SEO consultant for several startups. He has an MBA from Delhi School of Business (Marketing & Finance). Currently he is working from home (full time) at a digital marketing agency (startup) in Noida, India. In his free time (which he definitely has!), He likes to meet his friends ‘Offline’.
should I accept backlinks /guest posts on my website? featured image

Should I Accept Backlinks on My Website?

Should you sell backlinks/external links on your blog/website? If you are a blogger or a webmaster with traffic receiving websites, you may get a lot of emails or requests for accepting guest posts, sponsored posts or backlinks.You might wonder if…

Content Marketing for Bottom of the Pyramid

Content Marketing for Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP)

This post is for bloggers, freelance content writers, digital marketing agencies offering low-cost content marketing service. This post will tell you the important things to consider while getting your content in front of the target audience (Bottom of the Pyramid…